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Prison Visits
Published on : 2015-03-09
Recent bureaucratic restrictions have hindered CCHRs ability to conduct prison visits, undermining the positive role that civil so...
10 Simple Security Tips for Human Rights Defendersin Cambodia
Published on : 2015-06-09
Assess security risks and threats before any event, trip or activity, and prepare yourself to deal with potential problems or secu...
CCHR’s Analysis and Key Recommendations on LANGO
Published on : 2015-07-22
On 5 June 2015, the Council of Ministers approved the fifth draft of the Law on Association and Non-Governmental Organizations (...
CCHR Outcome Report - Post-UPR National Consultation
Issued on : 2014-09-30
In June 2014, the Human Rights Council (the “HRC”) of the United Nations (“UN”) convened for its 26th session. During this...
VOD Round Table: CSOs' Plan on NGO law - Part 1
Human Rights Songs in Khmer
Published on : 2015-07-28 In Khmer
The Evolution of Politics in Cambodia
Published on : 2015-07-24 In Khmer
Using social media to advocate for LGBT ...
Published on : 2015-07-22 In Khmer
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