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The Rights of Others
on 2014-10-01
Location in OMCT
Publish on 2015-02-19
The Rights of Others” is OMCT fourth documentary. Directed by Chris Kelly, it is part of OMCT sponsorship project “Défendre les Défenseurs”. Over the last few years, the Cambodian Government has granted land concessions to private national and international companies at an alarming rate for agriculture, mining, and infrastructure development. Most of these lands were inhabited by farmers and indigenous peoples who have been evicted and relocated to areas without access to basic services. Defending the rights of evicted persons, human rights defenders mobilize against the issuance of land concessions and forced evictions through peaceful demonstrations. In so doing, they are subject to harassment by the involved companies as well as police brutality and arrests.
Ly Srea Kheng: Family Faces Threats and Attacks in Phnom Penh
on 2014-12-17
Location in CCHR's office
Publish on 2014-12-17
Mr. Ly Srea Kheng, aged 58, lives with his wife, son and daughter in the Boeung Kak one area ("BK1") of Phnom Penh's Tuol Kork District, where they say they have occupied land since the ousting of the Khmer Rouge in 1979. However, a dispute began in 2005 after Mr. Kheng tried to register his family's plot under the 2001 Land Law several times without success, as local authorities accused them of illegally occupying state land.
Indigenous People’s Land Threatened by Hydropower Dam in Koh Kong
on 2014-12-17
Location in CCHR's office
Publish on 2014-12-17
The Areng Valley, part of the Central Cardamom Protected Forest, is home to a number of endangered species and approximately 1,500 people, mostly of the indigenous Jong group, who have a particularly strong spiritual and material relationship with their land. They are campaigning to stop a proposed hydro-power dam project, which threatenstheir land, livelihoods and entire way of life.
Sre Sdao village: Residents’ Land at Risk in University Construction Project
on 2014-12-17
Location in CCHR's office
Publish on 2014-12-17
Twenty three families from Sre Sdao village in Kratie Province fear that their land may be seized as part of a plan to construct an agricultural university. The families live next to a disused airfield and runway built by the French armed forces during the colonial era. They have lived there for generations, and were displaced during the Khmer Rouge period, but returned in 1979 following the regime’s fall that same year. They have letters issued by the local Sangkat (Commune) Chief confirming their possession of their land, but do not hold land titles
Tapen village: Community Protests Seizure of Land by the Forestry Administration and Military in SR
on 2014-12-17
Location in CCHR's office
Publish on 2014-12-17
A long-running dispute between villagers in Banteay Srey District, Siem Reap province, the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (“RCAF”) and the Forestry Administration began in 2002, after the Siem Reap Provincial Hall authorities announced that land farmed by 90 families in Tapen village was part of Phnom Kulen National Park. The villagers say they have cultivated the disputed land in Tbaeng Commune, which measures 183 hectares, since 1997, but in 2003, the Forestry Administration and soldiers from the Second Division of the RCAF accused them of illegal occupation and seized the land, ostensibly in order to grow Acacia Trees. In fact, much of the land was then leased to businessmen, many of whom established Cassava plantations.
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