Civic Participation and Reform

The overall Goal of CFA 5 Civic Participation and Reform is that Citizens actively participate in civic space, exercising their human rights without fear of harassment or discrimination.

The high-level outcomes are:

  • Citizens are aware of the situation regarding human rights and fundamental freedoms in Cambodia and are motivated to want to know more.
  • Increasing numbers of people from target groups are inspired to participate in the civic space.

Over the period of the previous strategic plan, the understanding of Cambodian people about fundamental freedoms has declined whilst human rights have been eroded. 

There is now an acute need to improve public awareness about human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the implications of changes to the legal framework and actions of authorities. 

CCHR aims to achieve the goals and outcomes of CFA 5 (CPR) by delivering effective and inspirational awareness raising activities. CCHR will endeavor to make human rights something that everyone should care about and which mobilizes people because it touches everyone’s heart.

Past Projects