Human Rights Education​


The Cambodian Human Rights Education Platform Project (CHREP) facilitated by the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) aims to increase knowledge of Cambodian urban youths about key issues surrounding land rights in Cambodia.

The objectives of this project are (i) to identify five key points in land rights issues in Cambodia, and the best ways to communicate them (ii) to develop online interactive contents on Land Rights Education Theme and (iii) to deliver the online contents, and capture lessons learned to inform development of future online rights education.


Human Rights Educations (HRE) in Cambodia remains limited. As in many other places around the world, lack of incorporation of basic HRE in school curriculums results in most youth growing up with an extremely limited understanding of human rights. Most Cambodian citizens remain largely unaware of the rights afforded to them under domestic and international law, which in turns allows the authorities to abuse human rights on a widespread and systematic scale. These violations include those of land and property rights, freedom of expression, assembly and association, fair trial rights, and more. Without an increased knowledge-base of human rights amongst the general population, the demand for greater respect for human rights is unlikely to gain momentum.

By increasing access to HRE and fostering interest in human rights through the development of an interactive, youth-oriented platform, the Project will help increase demand for social change in Cambodia, which thus far remains fairly limited in scope.


In order to achieve the objectives listed above, the following activities will be conducted:

  • Organize – the need assessment for human rights information with target groups, through a series of focus groups of discussions (FGDs).
  • Identify and Develop – the five main points in relation to land rights issue and develop and interactive platform that is user friendly for the audience and target group.
  • Engage – with the target audience in order to get to know more about the platform through publicity materials including advertisement on CCHR’s radio program, promotion on social media, posts on CCHR’s and posters.


This project targets a number of groups including urban youths and the general public who could access to the internet. This project aims to ensure that more Cambodians will be better informed, ready and willing to take action toward exercising their human rights.